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O I prefer to receive newsletters & Friend's information via regular mail.

O I would like to help the Friends save mailing costs and would like to receive the newsletter and correspondence via email as available.

O I would like to receive information about including the Friends of the Sibley Historic Site in my estate planning in order to make a lasting contribution, helping to preserve Minnesota history.

O I would like to take advantage of the Special Offer in Joining the Friends & ordering a Friend's published book, either "Six Miles from St. Paul" or "Dakota Child, Governor's Daughter" at a special member rate of $5 OFF. I will include the amount of $13.66 added to my Membership Dues level as checked below. (Please note book choice)

($14.95 minus $5 = $9.95, + $.71 tax, +$3 shipping = $13.66) Add this to your dues amount.

Or Get both books and take $10 Off - $29.90 +$2.13 tax + $5 shipping = $37.30 Simply add this total to your dues amount and check both books!

Membership Dues: (Please Check One)
  Basic Membership
  Pioneer $15.00
  Settlers $25.00
  Donor Membership
  Voyageur $50.00
  Explorers $75.00
  Governor Sibley's Club $100.00

Amount Enclosed: $____________

Book Choice: ____ Six Miles from St Paul

____ Dakota Child, Governor's Daughter

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