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The Dupuis House

The Dupuis house, on the extreme southeast corner of the property is also of historic interest. The building was built of brick brought from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1854. Hypolite Dupuis was a fur trader and served as private secretary to General Sibley for many years.

In 1869, the house was sold to Tim Fee and remained in the Fee family until it was purchased by the Minnesota Daughters of the American Revolution in 1924.

In 1928, the house was remodeled for a tea house. A spacious verandah was built on the east side overlooking an old fashioned garden; and later a large, glass-enclosed porch was added on the west side. Starting on a small scale, increasing in size and modernization, the Sibley Tea House became on of Minnesota's most popular tea houses and thousands of guests were served there each season until it closed in the 1970's. It now houses the offices of the Sibley Historic Site.

Excerpts from "The Sibley Historic Site" Published 1995 by Sibley House Association / MNDAR

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